Season 2019-2020 is approaching. As we get closer, we will reopen the pick submission pages.


You can re-use your existing login or create a new one by using the "Sign Up or Sign In" button above. The pre-season will be a practice period. Our pool runs during the regular season.

Our pool has been operating in one form or another for probably 20 years (nobody really remembers anymore). The rules have not changed much in the last decade or so:

  1. Fees
    1. Entry is $25 and covers the entire season.
    2. You can participate every week.
    3. Fees are due by September 21, 2017, for players who started the season with us. Late joiners can pay within 1 week of startup.
    4. Late payment? You can be disqualified from all current/future weeks, and any winnings passed on to the second place finisher for those weeks.
  2. Submitting Picks
    1. Register or Sign In at Our Pool Site.
    2. Pick deadline is kickoff of the first game for each week, as scheduled by the NFL.
    3. Keep any email confirmations - they shouldn't be needed, but if they are you'll be upset if you don't have them.
    4. If you miss entry for a week, you get 0 points for that week but can keep entering for other weeks if desired.
    5. Each week's tie-breaker is the Monday Night game total (both scores combined, last game of the week).
  3. Payout Structure
    1. This is a zero-profit pool. All fees are paid back to players. We eat the cost of software and administration and do this just for fun.
    2. 50% of total fees collected is put into a Weekly Prize Pool, which is then divided by the number of regular season weeks.
    3. Each week gets one "share" from this pool, paid out to the top-scoring player (split 50/50 if a score tie and tie-breaker tie).
    4. 50% of total fees collected is put into a Season Prize Pool, which is split 60/40 between 1st and 2nd place players for cumulative season total points.