Jimmy's Angels

Patty, Vicki, and Cindy preferred to add a group picture, rather than individual profile pics. As you can see, they're very photogenic.

Vicki Williams has printed more invoices than anyone else we know, and that's saying something. She's most often the first person you'll hear when you call our 800 line.

Cindy Brown helps us keep things on the shelves, helps us find materials when no one else can, and keeps the ship moving in a generally-forward direction.

Patty Mowrey pays the bills, argues with vendors, and gives us all crap when we deserve it.

And the rest of the crew...

Jim Mowrey has been pushing us all up-hill for 33 years now. His ability to build connections with clients and end users, as well as find all the weird shit they're looking for, is pretty legendary.

Rusty Howell has been wise-cracking and come-backing throughout the Ohio Basin since dirt was a child.

Jeff Long handles pretty much everything in our Ohio warehouse.

Ryan Kilgore knows a thing or two about the Southern IL / IN Oil Basin, and is learning more every day.

Nadine Liggett is our Midvale girl Friday. She does a little bit of everything, to help everyone, do almost anything to take care of our customers.

Andy Tucker isn't afraid to work alone, in the cold and dark (which is always true in Michigan, except for one week in July each year), but still delivers top-notch service to his customer base.

James Noble is our Olney, IL warehouse manager. He makes sure all shipments are accurate and shipped in a timely fashion.