And we're live!

The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Pool is underway. The rules and entry information are included below for reference, but let's get to what you really want:

Payout Announcements

Round 3 has ended and Patrick Gannon is our top-scoring player with 80 points. He has a phenomenal 176 possible points, and is the only player in our pool to have correctly selected all eight of the Elite Eight. He will be difficult to unseat, but there is still plenty of hope remaining for our other players.

Entry Fees

Entry fee is $10 per bracket, due by the end of Round 2. You may submit as many brackets as you like!

Payout Details:

End of Round Payout for Top Points Points Per Game
1 - 1
2 - 2
3 (Elite Eight) 20%* 4
4 - 8
5 - 16
6 (Championship) 30% 2nd Place*
50% 1st Place*

* Ties unable to be broken will split payout. Overall tie-breaker is the number of total points in the Championship game. Secondary tie-breaker, if necessary, will be overall prediction success percentage.