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Questions or Comments? Please Call, write, or Fax:

REP Sales, Inc.
1124 S Whittle Ave
Olney, IL 62450

800-274-2003  (Phone)
800-395-FTGS (Fax)

You can reach us on the Yahoo! IM Network by looking up the name of the person you'd like to talk to. See the chart on the right.

Our Contact Information is:

REP Sales, Inc.
1124 S Whittle Ave
Olney, IL 62450

800-274-2003 (Toll-Free Phone)
800-395-3847 (Toll-Free Fax)
618-395-1115 (Phone)
618-392-3445 (Fax)

Electronic Contact Information:
Name Dept Email Yahoo
Jim Mowrey Outside Sales, President rsi_jmow
Ed Groves IL/IN/KY Sales, VP rsi_egroves
Trish Mowrey Accounts Payable, Office Mgr. rsi_tmow
Vicki Williams Accounts Receivable, Inside Sales rsi_vwil
Karen Totten Accounting rsi_ktot
Gina MichelsPurchasinggina@repsales.netrsi_gmic
Brandon Mowrey Inside Sales, Information Technology rsi_bmow

Our History

REP Sales has been providing pipe, valves, and fittings to the Supply Stores of the northeast for over 20 years. Founded in 1983, we started with a focus on the Olney, IL area - that was all we could handle, and the region within 45 miles of it kept us working late nights for three years.

In 1986, the industry experienced what analysts call a downturn. We called it a disaster, and the oilfield never recovered in the Olney area. A large chunk of the population moved away, or turned to industrial jobs; this is a problem felt even today, as high prices prove unable to bring back the experienced rig-hands needed to get production back to where it should be. The fact that your customers have to wait over a year for a rig today is the result of the Crash of '86, 20 years ago.

There have been other tough times for our industry, and somehow we've managed to scrape through them. We'd like to think it's our commitment to service, and our extraordinary depth of inventory. Regardless of the reason, we are here to serve you, and we have the experience necessary to handle your every request.

Areas Serviced

Our primary facility is located in Olney, IL, and offers free pickup or delivery to customers within 60 miles, so long as they are part of one of our existing delivery routes. The vast majority of our UPS or Fedex shipments, and ALL of our Fedex Truck Freight shipments come out of this warehouse. Effectively, the Olney warehouse services everything north of Kentucky and East of the Mississippi River via one carrier or another. This means that no matter which carrier you choose, your materials have an average transit time of 2 days, not counting the day of shipment.

From our Olney facility, every order placed before Noon (Central Time, -0600 GMT) ships the same day, guaranteed. 90% of orders placed after that deadline will still ship the same day; almost every day, we go home with no orders left unfilled. For true emergencies, we are located within 2 miles of the UPS service center for our area, and can make arrangements to get your shipment out. We'll usually only do this for expedited shipments (UPS Next Day or Second Day Air), but that isn't written in stone.

Our Ohio warehouse is a satellite facility, operated by our Ohio-based salesman, Rusty Howell. Rusty has been entrusted with the care and feeding of our Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia customers. We don't ship much from this warehouse, but can on occasion make arrangements. Such shipments will usually take a day or two to process before they can be finalized.

In Kansas, Carl Cooper (Cooper Production Products) represents our interests, maintaining a deep stock of our bread-and-butter valve and fitting lines. If you are within his service area, you'll no doubt be familiar with him already.

In Texas, Jay Milam (J & J Sales) is our representative. Operating out of two warehouses, J & J Sales provides a broad selection of our lines to supply stores in the Texas basin.

Representatives in Your Area

REP Sales, Inc. - Illinois Warehouse, Serving IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, PA, WV, KS, TX
1124 S Whittle Ave
Olney, IL 62450

Cooper Production Products (Carl & Bret Cooper) - Serving Central KS
1004 Williams
Great Bend, KS 67530

J & J Sales, Inc. (Jay Milam) - Serving TX
1410 Simmons
Jourdanton, TX 78026

REP Sales, Inc. - Ohio - Rusty Howell - Serving OH, PA, WV
1145 W High Ave, Unit R
New Philadelphia, OH 44663


Quote of the Week

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